Journal SLEEP Open – Coming Soon

The Sleep Research Society is launching a companion journal to SLEEP and is seeking a qualified Editor-in-Chief to establish this new publication.

Overview of the Journal

SLEEP Open is a Gold Open Access companion journal to SLEEP. It will publish original research articles, commentaries, and review papers in sleep and circadian science across the basic, translational, and clinical research spectrum.

SLEEP Open will publish articles that use a wide variety of scientific approaches and address a broad range of topics. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Basic and neuroscience studies of sleep and circadian mechanisms
  • In vitro and animal models of sleep, circadian rhythms, and human disorders
  • Pre-clinical human investigations, physiology, including the measurement and manipulation of sleep and circadian rhythms
  • Clinical trials, epidemiology studies, implementation, and dissemination research

Overview of the Opportunity

SLEEP Open will be launching as a new open-access journal in 2019 and seeks an Editor-in-Chief who can build the Journal’s scientific reputation and establish it as a high quality venue for publication. The Editor-in-Chief will have a unique opportunity to help craft the aims, scope and direction of the journal to maximise its impact on the field and in the marketplace.

The Editor-in-Chief role will be hands-on, with the EiC processing the papers personally. Administrative support will be provided by a professional Editorial Office. The Editor-in-Chief may delegate a proportion of submissions to appropriate Associate Editors if that is how they wish to structure the editorial team. There is scope to review the editorial office arrangements; however the EiC should remain as a key driver for the direction and quality of the journal.

Full Job Description
EIC Application

Interested candidates should reach out to John Noel, Executive Director, at [email protected]. Applications for this opportunity will be accepted through May 15, 2019.