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Membership Classification

Please note: Membership is on a calendar year basis (January 1 - December 31).

Regular Membership - $215.00 $100.00
Individuals possess doctoral degrees and have either published sleep-related research or have documentation of research.

Associate Membership - $160.00 $80.00
Individuals with special training who are actively engaged in sleep research, usually in a laboratory, and have not obtained a terminal doctoral degree

Postdoctoral Fellow Membership - $85.00 $40.00
Individuals have received their terminal degree and are in a residency or fellowship program. (Membership in this category is limited to 5 years*).

Predoctoral Student Membership - $85.00 $40.00
Individuals pursuing undergraduate, masters, and doctoral degrees. This category includes individuals who earned their undergraduate degree within the last two years and work in a sleep research laboratory prior to pursuing advanced degrees. (Membership in this category is limited to 7 years*).

Undergraduate Student - $85.00 $40.00
Individuals pursuing undergraduate degrees. (Membership in this category is limited to 4 years*).

*Membership in these categories is limited to the terms above unless written verification is provided that the member qualifies for additional years as either a Predoctoral Student Member or Postdoctoral Fellow Member.