Campaign Announcements

Friends and Colleagues,

I’m pleased to announce that the Sleep Research Society Foundation is nearly 2/3 toward its $2.5M fundraising goal.  The funds raised through this effort will significantly increase funds for our early-career award program.  This program has been extremely successful in jump-starting the careers of sleep and circadian researchers. Historic data tells us that every $1 in research funding from SRSF leads to an additional $14 from other funding sources, such as the NIH or private foundations.

While we have been very successful to date, we would like to raise an additional $100,000 from SRS members and at least $750,000 from our corporate partners.  As Chair of this campaign, I remain confident that we will reach our fundraising goal of $2.5M, but it will require the commitment from campaign volunteers, SRS members and our corporate friends that provide products and services to the sleep and circadian research field.

I’m personally looking forward to a strong summer for fundraising and will keep you all apprised of campaign progress over the next several months.

Thank you to all members and companies who have already made commitments to this effort.  Your support is truly appreciated.


Allan Pack

Co-Chair, Funding Our Future Scientists Campaign

Sleep Research Society Foundation

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