2019 Annual Appeal

Your Help Is Needed to Reach Our $75,000 Goal!

Coming off the heels of a successful campaign that raised nearly $2.5M for the SRSF flagship early-career research award program, the organization is now turning its attention to ongoing, renewable fundraising through the 2019 Annual Appeal.

On an annual basis, the Sleep Research Society Foundation receives between 30-40 applications for young investigator grants and is only able to fund about 10-20% of applicants. With so many qualified researchers, the SRSF must find ways to provide greater financial support.

As a member of SRS, you likely understand the importance of the Foundation and its mission, as our programs make a profound impact on the next generation of sleep and circadian researchers.

Donate and help the SRSF fund:

  • Mentor/Mentee Travel Programs
  • Travel Awards to ASCS
  • SLEEP meeting Post Graduate Scholarships
  • Young Investigator’s Research Forum Scholarships

Your support is critical to not only funding the bright minds currently in the field, but necessary if we are to continue to recruit and retain the next generation of brilliant sleep and circadian researchers!

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Thank You to our Donors

The Sleep Research Society Foundation is so thankful for all of our current member Appeal donors. Without your support, none of this would be possible.

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Meet the Annual Appeal Task Force (AATF)

Reid circle image

Kathryn Jean Reid, PhD
Northwestern University

Andrea M. Spaeth, PhD
Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences

Josiane L. Broussard, PhD
Colorado State University

Christopher M. Depner, PhD
University of Colorado Boulder

Megan E. Petrov, PhD
Arizona State University

Philip Cheng, PhD
Henry Ford Health System

Kristen Knutson, PhD
Northwestern University

Michael A. Grandner, PhD
University of Arizona

Sarah Farabi, PhD
Barnes-Jewish College