Outstanding Scientific Achievement Award

The Outstanding Scientific Achievement Award is presented to an individual(s) to recognize a specific, novel, and seminal research discovery that has significantly impacted the sleep and circadian research field.  This award honors a single scientist or up to three members of a scientific team most responsible for the design, conduct, and publication of the work.

Selection criteria generally include:

  • A specific major contribution that has been presented in either a single publication or multiple related publications
  • Scientific advances recognized by this award may be basic, translational, clinical, or theoretical in nature.

Please address questions to the SRS Coordinator, at [email protected]. Nominations for 2022 awards are open from September 1, 2021 through October 24, 2021. Nominate a colleague or self-nominate here.

2021 Recipient

Colin E. Sullivan, PhD
Colin E. Sullivan, PhD

Past Recipients

2020 – Richard P. Allen, PhD
2019 – Frank A. J. L. Scheer, PhD; Steven A. Shea, PhD
2018 – Chiara Cirelli, MD, PhD
2017 – Niels C. Rattenborg, PhD
2016 – Luis de Lecea, PhD
2015 – Arthur J. Spielman, PhD
2014 – David Holtzman, MD
2013 – Amita Sehgal, PhD
2012 – Joseph Takahashi, PhD
2011 – Terry B. Young, PhD
2010 – Mark Mahowald, MD; Carlos Schenck, MD
2009 – David B. Rye, MD, PhD; Juliane Winkelmann, MD
2008 – Robert Y. Moore, MD, PhD; Friedrich K. Stephen, PhD; Irving Zucker, PhD
2007 – Eve Van Cauter, PhD
2006 – Emmanuel Mignot, MD, PhD; Masashi Yanagisawa, MD, PhD