Advocacy Task Force


The Sleep Research Advocacy Task Force will guide and organize SRS volunteers in their advocacy efforts with congressional action and through communicating the value of sleep research to NIH officials in order to build meaningful relationships over time and thereby enhance the funding for sleep research.

Committee Members

Allan I. Pack, MBChB, PhD – Chair Patrick M. Fuller, PhD – Vice Chair
David Dinges, PhD Jeanne F. Duffy, PhD
Elizabeth B. Klerman, MD, PhD Andrew D. Krystal, MD
Daniel S. Lewin, PhD, Diplomate
Emeritus, ABDSM
Janet M. Mullington, PhD
Ketema Paul, PhD Clifford Saper, MD, PhD
Kate Sprecher, PhD Patrick Strollo, MD
Ronald Szymusiak, PhD Fred Turek, PhD
James K. Walsh, PhD Phyllis Zee, MD, PhD