How to Volunteer

The Sleep Research Society invites active members to participate in a standing committee. Volunteer committee members provide an invaluable service to the organization and to members by contributing to initiatives and projects that are critical to the field of sleep research. Members also gain professional enrichment through the diverse activities of a committee.

Members can share their professional expertise as a volunteer committee member. Volunteers must be able to participate in committee conference calls as frequently as once per month. While we accept volunteer submissions all year long, committee members are placed on the respective committee in April of each year for the upcoming three-year term, which begins at the conclusion of the annual meeting in June of each year. To volunteer, please complete the following online form and submit your brief CV or brief NIH Biosketch plus a completed Conflict of Interest form to [email protected].

Volunteering on a Committee

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    Committee Rank
    Trainee Education Advisory Committee (TEAC)

    The Trainee and Education Advisory Committee (TEAC) recommends and reviews trainee related programs and activities, including requests for trainee travel assistance, trainee workshops, and trainee activities scheduled in conjunction with the APSS annual scientific meeting.

    Membership Committee

    The Membership Committee will determine benefits the SRS provides, to allow maximum membership values all the while increasing membership revenue. The Committee will find methods to recognize Members’ contributions and excellence while implementing novel strategies to engage the non-member sleep research community.

    Communications Committee

    The Communications Committee shall determine optimal communication strategies and tools, facilitate media outreach, and give members a greater sense of ownership in the Society. The Committee will implement novel strategies to engage the non-member sleep research community.

    Scientific Review Committee

    The Scientific Review Committee will make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding the Society’s grant programs; oversee the full grant process, from implementation to evaluation of the Early Stage Investigators Grant Program, including the scoring of applications to the Society’s grant programs.

    Pipeline Development Committee

    The Pipeline Development Committee will work to increase trainee selectivity, target training activities at appropriate levels, improve metrics to measure success of training programs, develop cross lab training opportunities--including global opportunities and facilitate Jr./Sr. networking and mentoring.

    Scientific Offerings Committee

    The Scientific Offerings Committee will develop an SRS-only meeting in years opposite the Gordon Conference and provide feedback to the Program Committee and Board regarding the SRS component of the APSS meeting, including identifying 'hot topics'.