Basics of Sleep Learning Modules

The Sleep Research Society's Basics of Sleep lecture series provides clinicians, scientists, and students with the fundamental principles and findings that form the core knowledge of the sleep field.

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Basics of Sleep Online Basics of Sleep Presentation Series, 2016

The presentations accompany the Sleep Research Society Basics of Sleep Guide, Edited by Charles J. Amlaner, DPhil, and Patrick M. Fuller, PhD, Sleep Research Society, 2009.

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Normal Human Sleep: Infancy to Adolescence

Dr. Mary Carskadon reviews the basics of normal human sleep within the framework of two central bio-regulatory processes.

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Normal Human Sleep: Sleep in the Older Adult

Dr. Sonia Ancoli-Israel reviews normal human sleep in older adults.

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Human Studies of Cognitive Performance and Safety

Drs. Siobhan Banks and Gemma Paech review the consequences of sleep loss on health and safety in humans.

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Neurobiology of Sleep

Drs. Patrick Fuller and Jun Lu provide both an extensive overview of the neuroanatomy of sleep as well as a glimpse into the long history of basic sleep research leading up to

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