SRS Mentor-Mentee Program

Additional deadline added for 2017!


The goal of the SRS Mentor-Mentee program is to link trainees from institutions with limited sleep/circadian mentoring options in their chosen field of interest to mentors that can provide rich, face-to-face opportunities in state-of-the-art research techniques and methods. The mentor-mentee relationship should also extend beyond the face-to-face portion and, as appropriate, include career guidance via ongoing phone or web based meetings over the course of the funded year.

Scope of Support

The program is intended to grow the field of sleep researchers. Awards of < $3,500 will be given to up to eight (8) mentees annually for travel related expenses. More or fewer mentee grants could be awarded depending on available funds and quality of applications. It is understood that the mentor will participate at no cost to the Sleep Research Society.

Mentor-Mentee pairs from the SRS annual meeting program are encouraged to apply, but guarantee is neither intended nor implied. Trainees in an institution that has current funding for trainees (e.g. sleep-related training grant; T32) are not eligible. However, faculty in these institutions could serve as mentors in the program.


Minimum of one-week on-site with Mentor is expected with continued phone or video contact expected at least monthly for the first year. The expectation is successful mentor-mentee relationships will become self-sustaining after the first year, and therefore applications will not be eligible for renewal.

Outcomes and reporting requirements

The Mentee must complete a report and evaluation form at the conclusion of the year. The report should be about one page, describe tangible results indexed to goals stated in the application.

Requirements for Applicants

  1. Mentee and Mentor must be and remain active SRS Members.
  2. Mentee must be an SRS trainee member at the post-undergraduate level (i.e., graduate students, postdocs, interns, residents, and fellows).
  3. Mentor letter as indicated on application.
  4. Mentee intent/plans, goals and budgets, as noted on application form.
  5. A fully completed application is required.
  6. Mentee final report at end of one year.
  7. If applicable, applicant must provide Visa documentation for travel to the intended mentor’s lab.


There will be two cycles of applications annually, November and May. The application will consist of the application cover page, < three (3) page description of the proposed mentoring opportunity, signed by mentee/applicant and the intended mentor’s signed letter of support.  The trainee must demonstrate:

  1. Local training is not available;
  2. Mentor and their institution are established entities that can provide a quality experience;
  3. Specific, measurable goals for first year; and
  4. Plans and goals for the on-site visit. Example goals could include learning a specific lab skill or other technique; exposure to a specific clinical population for research purposes; work on a paper; access to unique data sets; complex statistical analysis; writing a grant proposal.

Greater detail is supplied in the SRS Mentor-Mentee Application Form. Applications must be submitted in English using the SRS Mentor-Mentee Application Form. Applying for the award involves submitting the fully completed application via e-mail as an attached PDF to

Two opportunities to apply exist. The deadlines for the receipt of the proposal for the first two cycles are 11:59 pm, November 30, 2016 and 11:59 pm, May 31, 2017. A third deadline has been added—11:59 pm, September 20, 2017. Don’t miss it! All proposals must be submitted electronically, on the published form, as one complete PDF document to Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Awardees will be notified within one month of the deadline and funds will be disbursed based on the trainees travel schedule. Greater details will be included in a brief contract which must be signed prior to the distribution of funds.

Please contact Barbara Hoeft at or (630) 737-9700 with any questions.