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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia Conference


UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center
La Jolla, California

Course Page: http://cme.ucsd.edu/cbti/index.html
Registration Link: http://cme.ucsd.edu/cbti/registration.html

This conference is specifically designed to provide in-depth knowledge for psychologists, psychiatrists, primary care physicians, nurse clinicians, social workers and other health professionals who encounter patients with insomnia in their clinical practice.
  • What is normal sleep and what is insomnia?
  • Is CBT-I the right treatment for my patient?
  • Is pharmacological treatment right for my patient?
  • What are the consequences of insomnia?
  • Differential diagnosis with other sleep disorders
  • Clinical evaluation of insomnia
  • How to get started with CBT-I
  • Understanding the components of CBT-I, including sleep education, stimulus control, sleep restriction, sleep hygiene education, relaxation training and cognitive therapy
  • How to help patients sleep well over the long-term


Sonia Ancoli-Israel, PhD, CBSM
Professor of Psychiatry
Director, Gillin Sleep and Chronomedicine Research Center
Deputy Director, Stein Institute for Research on Aging
UC San Diego
San Diego, California

Jennifer L. Martin, PhD, CBSM
Adjunct Assistant Professor
David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System
Geriatric Research, Education and Clinical Center
Los Angeles, California