ESRS Wake-Up Bus on Tour throughout Europe

Sleep Research Society
Friday, October 11, 2013

The ESRS Wake-Up Bus is on its way throughout Europe to the EU Parliament.
The bus project aims at raising awareness among general public of the importance of sleepiness as one of the main causes of road accidents.
The bus left Oporto on 3rd October and the journey will end with a meeting at the EU Parliament in Brussels on 15 October in which the EU Parliamentarians will be addressed by ESRS officers, ANSS members, and a panel of experts about "sleepiness at the wheel" related issues.
Follow the bus ride by watching the videos and photos uploaded on the fly and reading the news on the ESRS website and follow ESRS_Sleep on Twitter to accompany the #ESRS #WakeupBus on its journey through Europe to the EU Parliament. 

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