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Sleep Research Society
Monday, August 4, 2014

Thank You

We are thrilled with the response to our membership survey - 364 members took time to fill it out.  We have a very rich data set.  Dr. Jennifer Martin, who is our Secretary-Treasurer and an expert in qualitative research, is helping us analyze the responses.  One thing that we immediately see is that there is a group of members who are extremely satisfied with what we are doing.  There is also a group who has serious concerns, in particular about the annual meeting.  We are analyzing the responses to see if this reflects the opinions of different constituencies in our Society.  We plan to share all results of our analyses with our membership.  This is your Society.

Making the Annual APSS Meeting More Vibrant
One thing that has emerged from our membership survey is dissatisfaction within a sizable portion of our membership about the APSS Annual Meeting.  It is described as “science light.”  The current Board and leadership is committed to two things:  1) Making the meeting more vibrant scientifically — more focus on new science, discussion and not so much on reviews of previously published data; and 2) Creating an ambience of a more intimate meeting within a meeting. 
I am going to meet with the APSS Program Committee at their meeting on August 21 in Chicago to discuss.  Stay tuned for more information.
Here are some ways that you can personally help to make the Annual Meeting more vibrant:

 1.  Submit your best scientific abstracts
 2.  Submit state-of-the-art symposia
If you have any other thoughts or ideas, please email me at apack@srsnet.org.