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Handing Over The Reins

Sleep Research Society
Friday, May 30, 2014

I will be handing over the President's messages to our new President, Dr. Allan Pack, following the 2014 APSS meeting in Minneapolis. The SRS executives, Drs. Allan Pack, Sean Drummond and Ron Szymusiak would like to join me in wishing you an exciting and successful meeting.
It has been a busy year, with continued efforts to increase governmental awareness about the importance of sleep and circadian research for the health and safety of the nation, and new efforts to broaden our public educational reach in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and the AASM, with the initiation of the National Healthy Sleep Awareness Project .  As founding partners in that educational outreach effort, we pushed forward with an awareness campaign that began with a press release earlier this month, with the message, "Sleep Well, Be Well". A second message to be released by fall will focus on apnea awareness. Click to read the SRS Bulletin.
This is an important time for our society. We have a young growing field with a great need for research in many areas, yet research funding is tight. We need to be strategic and work together to facilitate access to resources at, and beyond our institutions; we need to communicate our science, to show ourselves as stakeholders on issues where our sleep and circadian science lends evidence. The BOD is doing this in the area of transportation safety and sleep disorders, independently and in partnership with other organizations.
Our SRS strategic planning is underway. I encourage you to participate by completing the on-line confidential survey that will be sent to you, and in addition, I encourage you to send in comments and suggestions to the SRS office to be passed along to the leadership. It is an important time to encourage your colleagues with sleep and circadian sleep research interests to join the SRS, if they have not done so already!
Best Wishes, I look forward to seeing you in Minneapolis!

Janet Mullington, PhD
SRS President