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Gordon Research Conference

Sleep Research Society
Friday, January 10, 2014

An upcoming event that many of our members may find of interest is the conference on Sleep Regulation & Function, to be held on March 16-21 in Galveston, TX. For more detailed information, and registration instructions, see the Gordon Research Conference website here.

"The inaugural Gordon Research Conference on "Sleep Regulation and Function" will be held in 2014. The focus of this conference is "Emerging Themes and Paradigm Shifts". During the past two decades we have witnessed a paradigm shift in the conceptualization of how sleep is regulated. In contrast to the traditional view that the brain imposes sleep on the organism, this new paradigm views sleep as a homeostatically regulated, use-dependent process that first emerges at the level of simple neuronal networks."

Deadline for registration is February 16, 2014