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Call for Applications: SRS Young Investigator Award

Sleep Research Society
Friday, December 6, 2013

The Sleep Research Society will again offer the Young Investigator Award to recognize outstanding research by early career investigators. The basis for evaluation of candidates is a single publication in a peer-reviewed journal. The candidate should be the first author and the article must be published or officially accepted for publication by the application deadline. On the application deadline, the candidate must be within seven years of obtaining a terminal degree. Exceptions to this criterion will be considered for those applicants who feel that extenuating circumstances warrant such consideration. A letter detailing these considerations must be included with the application. Additionally, the candidate must be a member in good standing of the SRS or must include a completed application for membership and fee with the award application. Repeat applications from unsuccessful applicants from previous years are allowed.

The award includes a plaque and a travel honorarium to be applied toward travel to SLEEP 2014. The plaque will be presented during a ceremony at SLEEP 2014.

To apply for the SRS Young Investigator Award, candidates must submit the following:

        1. A copy of their paper; a current CV;
        2. Documentation of the date of receipt of terminal degree (i.e. copy of diploma or copy of transcript); and, if applicable, a letter outlining extenuating circumstances of why they should be considered for the award if they receive their terminal degree more than 7 years prior to the deadline for the award application.
        3. Letter of recommendation from a senior investigator. The senior investigator does not need to be an author on the paper or abstract, but should be familiar with the candidate's role on the research project. The candidate is responsible for ensuring that the letter of recommendation from the senior investigator arrives by the application deadline.

These documents should be submitted in a single PDF or MS Word file to the SRS Coordinator, at coordinator@srsnet.org. If a paper is in press at the time of application, a copy of the written notification of the paper's acceptance for publication must also be included.

Candidates are welcome to apply for both the Young Investigator Award and the Sleep Research Society Trainee Award Based on Scientific Merit, but in the event the candidate receives the Young Investigator Award, he or she will receive only this award. Multiple Young Investigator awards may be recognized, dependent on the quality of applications.

The deadline for receipt of the Young Investigator Award is Friday, January 31, 2014.