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Animal Ethics Brochure developed by the SRS is now available

Sleep Research Society
Friday, March 16, 2007

The Sleep Research Society with the assistance of the Committee on Animal Research Ethics (C.A.R.E.) has developed a brochure entitled “Animal Research Ethics” to inform patients, the public, and health care personnel about the critical role of animal research in understanding and treatment of sleep disorders.

Over the last 30 years, sleep specialists have used animals as “models” to learn how to improve the health and lives of people with sleep problems. Much of our basic knowledge about how the brain works during normal sleep and waking and how brain function changes during sleep disorders has come from studying animals. Treatments for sleep disorders and other medical conditions are also developed using animals. The long-term goals of sleep researchers are to discover how sleep restores us physically and mentally, to learn how to treat health problems related to inadequate sleep, and to develop prevention methods, cure, and treatments for sleep disorders.

This concise eight page brochure provides examples of common human sleep disorders and how animal research has been critical for understanding and treating these conditions. Also this brochure covers information on “The Process of Animal Research” that includes topics such as “Alternatives: Sleep Researchers Study People Whenever Possible,” “Regulation of Animal Research,” “Care of Research Animals” and “Sources of Animals for Research.”

Our goal is to distribute this brochure to SRS members free of charge in packets of ten. Please send your requests to the SRS Coordinator John Slater via e-mail at jslater@srsnet.org. A copy of the brochure is also available as a PDF at the link below.

View the Brochure