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Final Call for SRS Award Nominations

Sleep Research Society
Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The SRS Board of Directors requests nominations for 2012 SRS Awards. This year, the awards process has been modified to make the nomination process easier. A standard form for each award has been created and can be downloaded via the appropriate link below. All of the Awards listed below will be presented at SLEEP 2012 in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Distinguished Scientist Award

The Distinguished Scientist Award is the Sleep Research Society's highest award and recognizes significant, original and sustained scientific contributions of a basic, clinical or theoretical nature to the sleep and circadian research field. This Award honors a single individual for research contributions to the field over an entire career. 

Click here for a list of past recipients or to download a nomination form

Mary A. Carskadon Outstanding Educator Award

The Mary A. Carskadon Outstanding Educator Award, established in 2005, is presented on an annual basis by the Sleep Research Society to honor excellence in the field of education related to sleep medicine and research. This award is given to an investigator to honor his/her outstanding effort in disseminating basic and/or clinical sleep and circadian research as a mentor, teacher, or through public education. This award honors one educator whose contributions can include training of others who have contributed to sleep or circadian research; writings that educate others in sleep or circadian research; or administration and organization of teaching efforts in sleep or circadian research. 

Click here for a list of past recipients or to download a nomination form.   

Outstanding Scientific Achievement Award

The Outstanding Scientific Achievement Award is presented to individuals based upon novel and seminal discoveries of a basic, clinical or theoretical nature that have made a significant impact on the field of sleep and circadian science. This award honors one to three candidates for a single major research contribution. The contribution can consist of several findings, but they should all be parts of a single, coherent line of research (not a collection of disparate findings).

Click here for a list of past recipients or to download a nomination form.  

The deadline to submit nominations for all SRS Awards is Friday, September 16, 2011.

Nominations may be sent via e-mail to ncekosh@srsnet.org or they can be mailed to the Sleep Research Society, Attn: Nick Cekosh, 2510 North Frontage Road, Darien, IL 60561.